Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Local Command Line Diagnostics

Being stuck in the middle of a typhoon with no Internet connection, I found myself browsing my computer for the pre-Applet version of my Java Math Test. And when I stumbled across a collection of code, I couldn't believe how advanced it was - with all the core functionality, but a slightly simpler interface - identical in fact with the April 2009 Applet. It ran perfectly, and better still, ticking away on the command line, were all the diagnostic messages, which are just not practical to display on a production or near production Applet.

So while the storm raged outside, I busied myself bringing the front end of this local version up to the level of the current applet and used it as a test bed for new code. This worked much better than testing code in a public web space, because no matter how much you label it as a test version, somebody will stumble across it, try it, and get put off if it doesn't work. And it pretty well eliminated the need to have diagnostic messages painting themselves across the face of the Applet.

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