Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This is the opening blog for the Rasch Itembank Project, owned by yours truly, and hosted very kindly by java.net. Much of the thinking behind the project has already been described in my Learning Java blog. Entries of interest might be my brief description of the Danish mathematician Georg Rasch, and some of the other entries in April 2009. A later entry, of pivotal theoretical importance to me and to the project, is entitled Scores versus scoring rates. This entry explains why I believe scoring rates are a more interesting and meaningful metric than dichotomous raw scores.

Later still, an entry in January 2010 explains my decision to go open source, and some of the subsequent entries go through the mechanics of posting and updating code to the host server.

This blog picks up just after Sun Corporation was taken over by Oracle, and all the java.net projects have been moved to a new server. I have not tried to modify my code since the move, so that will be one of my first tasks to document.