Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fixing the PHP connection

I was so keen to minimize disruption to existing code that I forgot a couple of crucial steps. The first was to add the following line to public void init():

jso = JSObject.getWindow(this);

I also added the following diagnostic code to public void start():

if(jso != null )
addItem2("jso filled... ");

This enabled me to confirm that the jso object variable was filled as soon as the Applet opened.

The next necessary step was to tidy up the datInsert() function, which creates the SQL insert string, so that the string became:

ItemEntry = "INSERT INTO Items " +
"(Partid, OpCode, ItemLeft, ItemRight, Raw, Rate) " +
"VALUES (" +
sessTime + ", " +
OpCode + ", " +
ItemLeft + ", " +
ItemRight + ", " +
Raw + ", " +
SRate + ")";

The new variables ItemLeft and ItemRight were declared, but the old Itemdet was not removed, because it is still needed to populate a field. After that, with a few more comments thrown in here and there, the Applet ran.

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